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A Legacy of a Caring in Macomb County and its Community

Martha T. Berry, Medical Care Facility was opened in 1950, largely through the generosity of the late Henry G. Berry, M.D., who practiced medicine in Macomb County for approximately 50 years. The building was named in memory of Dr. Berry’s wife, Martha Taylor Berry. The physical building is owned and provided by the County of Macomb and is one of the largest skilled nursing facilities in the Michigan. The programs are overseen by the Macomb County Health and Human Services Board. Two of the members of this board are appointed by the Macomb County Board of Commissioners, and one person is appointed by the Governor of Michigan. Martha T. Berry is one of over 30 county-owned facilities, a member of the Michigan County Medical Care Facilities Council, and a member of the National Association of County Health Facilities.

We enrich the lives of all through meaningful relationships

At Martha T Berry, MCF we provide a safe, secure and happy environment delivering a resident directed culture for all seeking and providing care. Our team works in partnership with residents to enrich everyone’s daily life in an engaged continuum of care with compassion and dignity. We grow the lives of all through meaningful relationships.

Employee walks with a Female Elderly Patient

Our Value

In every interaction, we are Caring, Compassionate, Committed and Courageous

  • Caring - We constantly look to give opportunities to provide care as well as receive care. This is an antidote to the feeling of helplessness.
  • Compassionate – Showing compassion includes listening to residents, empathizing and putting the resident’s needs and wants above all else.
  • Committed – We are committed to overcoming the bulk of resident suffering caused by Loneliness, Helplessness and Boredom.
  • Courageous – Having the ability to act for and do what is right for the resident, peer or others. We act properly and with kind care, no matter how difficult the circumstances

Celebrating 65 years of Service

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Whether you’re looking for transitional care as a bridge between hospital and home or an extended stay with continued care and assistance, Martha T. Berry can offer the right solution for you or your loved one.

Our compassionate care, ethical practices and continuous quality improvement of the highest standard allow us to uphold Martha T. Berry’s reputation for leading care and services. That means you and your family can put your confidence in Martha T. Berry. Call today to arrange a personal tour of our facility. You’re making the right choice!

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